Letter to the Editor

Foundation 'thanks'

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I want to thank all of our Lakes area friends and the Okoboji Foundation for the wonderful weekend you had for my 90th birthday.

I was sorry that Elinor could not be there because of her heart attack. I am pleased to tell you that after a short stay at a heart clinic in California, she and I are now both back in Florida where we are both receiving treatments for our hearts. We are both doing well, and expect a full recovery.

As I told the people at the parties, I am grateful for the many wonderful things we have done together to improve the area. With the Okoboji Foundation leading the way, and setting the example.

I now see a great opportunity for all of us to leave a legacy that will enable the Okoboji Foundation to continue to improve the area. The Okoboji Foundation has formed a Legacy Society of those who have named the Okoboji Foundation in their wills. If enough of us will join, I believe it will do more for the area than any action taken in my 90 years of living in the area. And everyone can join, no matter what their wealth--and without having to deprive themselves.

If your estate is only worth $5,000, you can still leave 3 percent of it to the Foundation in your will, and only cost your estate $150. If your estate is $5 million, 3 percent would be $150,000. Of course, some of us would want to give more. Elinor and I have done more. The important things is for us all to band together and do what we can to further improve the area for our children and grandchildren, and in thanks for the times we have spent in this wonderful area.

Thanks again for the great weekend. Elinor and I look forward to seeing you again next summer. Good fishing!