Letter to the Editor

The judiciary system

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last spring our Third Age class at Iowa Lakes Community College in Spencer, Iowa chose the Constitution for our study in the fall semester. We read the Constitution aloud followed by learning about the struggles of farsighted men, expressing two different ideologies, on how their territory should be governed.

I had two questions: "How is a democracy distinct from a republic?" and "Why have three bodies of government: the legislature, the judiciary, and the executive?" First: a democracy is a direct election from the people. In a republic the people elect representatives to represent them. Second: "What is the rationale for three government bodies and the purpose of each?" The legislature makes the laws. The judiciary interprets the law as related to the Constitution. The executive is the "gatekeeper."

Iowa has a system that allows learned men and women in law to interpret what the legislature has passed without getting political over one issue. The government is purposely designed to be a "three legged stool" for a balance of power. At the moment, Iowa has a crack in the judiciary leg.

Donna J. Wert

Spirit Lake