Letter to the Editor


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Congratulations to Citizens United who spearheaded the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations to donate to political campaigns as though they were individuals. We could see the results in the election.

Also congratulations to Karl Rove, who piloted George Bush into the presidency. He formed a billionaire's group called American Crossroads to finance the Teapublicans -- part of Crossroads? Their efforts have changed the political landscape forever. Democrats can't compete. Unless Obama wakes up that he is in a civil war and starts fighting back, Democrats will lose the little they have left. Is Obama tough enough for the job?

Are we slaves of Citizens United and Karl Rove? They control the purse strings that drive the propaganda machines of the media. Will the sacred cow defense budget drag us into deeper debt? I expect the propaganda battle in the next two years to be fierce. How do any of us know what truth is? Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?"

Look how the health plan was blasted. Will there be enough Democrats willing to defend it? Give us a chance to experience it. That is when the truth will be revealed.

How many races were won by people who spent the least money?

Ray Miller

Spirit Lake