Letter to the Editor

Police staffing

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A front page article in the May 19 Dickinson County News quoted Spirit Lake Mayor Andera that the city was in a "financial crunch" and that a hiring freeze was still in effect. Last year at this time the city was awash in funds.

I expended the effort and the time to personally appear at the May 26, 2009, city council meeting to make the mayor and councilmen aware that they were spending $400 plus to pursue a $10 non-moving traffic citation.

This figure was based on four hours of police work and one hour plus of attorney fees. My actions appear to have been vindicated. Could these funds have been better used by Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Discovery House or Cherish House? Please encourage your council to continue to support these wonderful organizations.

-- J. Roger Carr