Letter to the Editor

Environmental Gains

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am writing this letter in response to Bob Thorbrogger's Letter to the Editor published in the Wednesday, June 2, edition of The Dickinson County News. In Mr. Thorbrogger's letter he incorrectly accuses Beck Engineering, Inc. of being involved in the project east of Crandall's Beach on Big Spirit Lake. Mr. Thorbrogger refers to this project as an "environmental disaster."

Beck Engineering, Inc. was not involved in the project in any capacity. I have spoken with Mr. Thorbrogger and am hopeful the letter of retraction he promised accompanies this letter in this edition of The Dickinson County News.

Protecting the environment has always been a top priority for Beck Engineering, Inc. We have been a leader in the Iowa Great Lakes and the state of Iowa in Low Impact Development (LID) and encourage the use of LID principles on our projects whenever possible.

We designated and donated money to the LID retrofit of the parking lot at Historic Arnolds Park, Inc. This project received a nomination for Outstanding Performance for the Innovative Design of Stormwater Management Practices that Facilitates Improvement in Storm Water Quality at the 2007 Iowa Stormwater Conference.

Beck Engineering, Inc. also designed a retrofit of an existing neighborhood in Okoboji which incorporated 18 bioretention cells and/or rock filtration chambers. This project won an Award for Excellence for the Innovative Design of Stormwater Management Practices Used for Local Project at the 2008 Iowa Stormwater Conference.

Overall, we have designed 132 LID structures in and around the Iowa Great Lakes area. In addition, my wife and I spent time and money at our own residence to construct three different LID practices to do our part to protect the water quality of our beautiful lakes. We both feel extremely fortunate to live in an area with such wonderful people and a beautiful landscape.

I would urge Mr. Thorbrogger to take the same initiative and take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to incorporate LID practices on his own property to mitigate the over 5,000 square feet of impervious surface that flows to Big Spirit Lake.

Brad Beck, PE

Beck Engineering, Inc.

Spirit Lake