Letter to the Editor

Good Samaritans?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Think of all the fundraisers communities across the country put on to help pay medical bills for people who need major treatment but cannot afford it. Would those same donors vote for health care for all? Think of all those who have lost their life savings and a farm because of medical bills. It was bad enough for the Wall Street people to destroy the 401ks and accept massive bail outs - do they also deny health care for those who cannot afford it?

During the Viet Nam War, Vance Parker, a Navy officer, wrote how we are a nation of sheep. We can be manipulated to vote against our best interests. The phony Swift Boaters that defeated Kerry are at work again making false statements to confuse the issue and build up fear concerning health care changes. Bush used fear very effectively. Of course, the insurance people are fighting against losing $10 billion in profits each year if a public health care bill is passed. They need some competition. The government can do the job cheaper than the insurance companies that are fighting this change and they know it.

They are fighting for profits. We are fighting to be good neighbors. If nothing else, give us a choice. The priest passed by. The Levite passed by. Are our representatives going to pass by?

How many good Samaritans are willing to make sure their neighbor has health care when they need it?

Ray Miller

Spirit Lake