Letter to the Editor

Honor Their Sacrifice

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is the price of freedom? This is not a question you hear asked very often. It is a question that deserves honest reflection, especially as the Memorial Day holiday approaches. Memorial Day is usually thought of as the unofficial start of the summer season, but the true meaning is often lost in the shuffle. As Americans, we enjoy so many freedoms that many times it is taken for granted, an afterthought, if you will.

One of those freedoms we take for granted is the ability to come and go as we please. From town to town, state to state...without any worries. Driving our "own" car to grandpa and grandma's house to celebrate a birthday, or flying to meet a friend on a last minute getaway...these are great examples of the freedom we have. Arriving safely, like our freedom, is another item that most people take for granted. It's sad that it takes a serious traffic crash to remind us of the dangers on the road.

The Iowa State Patrol would like to take this opportunity to remind motorists of several traffic safety issues as the Memorial Day weekend approaches.

Wear your seatbelt on all trips, in every position.

If your celebration plans include alcohol, use a designated driver.

Avoid all distractions while driving.

Travel at a safe and legal speed while maintaining a 3 second following distance.

With the added motorists on our roads, the Iowa State Patrol will be increasing its enforcement efforts throughout the weekend. Please do your part by driving defensively.

How do you measure the cost of our freedom, you ask? This weekend when you are out enjoying your choice of activities, take a stroll by your local cemetery. The hundreds of American flags remind us of that cost, and the real meaning of Memorial Day. Our brave soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that America remains free.

Remember their courage. Honor their sacrifice. Celebrate our freedom.


Trooper Vince Kurtz

Iowa State Patrol Safety Education

Post 6, Spencer