Restored cross returns to top of St. Joseph Catholic Church

Monday, June 7, 2021
Photos by Seth Boyes

The cross which sat atop St. Joseph Catholic Church in Milford for more than a century was recently brought just a few feet from the ground as it was restored to its former, gilded glory. But parishioners discovered something unexpected as they examined the cross up close it had been shot. The cross restoration was one of several centennial projects for the church. Tyler Pierce of Church Painting Pros in Decorah was hired to both restore the cross and repair rotted portions of the bell tower. The re-gilding of the cross was finished early May 29, and it was meant to be place on top of the bell tower on June 3. Father Brian Hughes held a brief ceremony to bless the cross, but a broken hydraulic hose prevented Pierce from returning the cross to its rightful perch. Strong winds delayed the effort twice more the next day, but Pierce was able to place the cross on the tower's pinnacle that Saturday morning and finish securing it later that day.