Letter to the Editor

In support of Marsy's Law

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Across the country, members of law enforcement have been leading the way on the important topic of victims’ rights. As of today, one in three Americans lives in a state with Marsy’s Law – state constitutional rights for victims. This ensures that victims have equal rights and protections. Unfortunately, Iowa is not one of them. 

Victims deserve to know where their offender is being housed, when hearings related to their case are happening and dignity and respect of the justice system. After all, it’s designed to get them justice. It shouldn’t be traumatizing them more. 

I’m appreciative of the work our local legislators did this past session in regards to victims’ rights. It’s an important step forward, and I hope it is an indication that they will take up Marsy’s Law during the next session. 

Crime victims deserve nothing less.

Alan Krueger

Arnolds Park Police Chief