Letter to the Editor

Leaving the Party

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

An early count from just seven states show over 50,000 Republicans have renounced their membership and defected from the Republican Party. The invasion and destructive riot at the Capitol, clearly incited by the statements of then President Trump was a step too far for many. Continued support of Trump by Republican members of Congress has added to the angst. A second impeachment will proceed with or without Republican support.

A new player now enters the picture Republican Congress woman Marjorie Taylor Green. Finding few rebukes from fellow Republicans, she advances totally unsupported claims, stating support for QAnon, claiming Democrats worship Satan and practice child sex-abuse, supports assignation of Nancy Pelosi, Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, claims 9/11 and Parkland High school shootings were a put up deal and has made racist, anti-Islamic and anti-semitic statements.

House Democrats have already demanded her removal from all committee assignments and are preparing to demand her removal from her House seat.

What will it take for the Republican Party to regain its historical stature as a moral, ethical and principled party? Until it does, the exit will continue.

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake