Letter to the Editor

Using perspective

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The two serial writers of Letters to The Editor seem to be going into cardiac arrest over the events that occurred two weeks ago in Washington. This week their savor Joe Biden will be inaugurated, and he will make everything all right. The Jan. 6 political rally in Washington was peaceful until some people left the rally area before President Trump finished speaking to pick up their riot tools and storm the Capitol.

Let's see how the Jan. 6 riot compares with the seven months of rioting and looting that took place this summer:

This summer, the rioting, arson and looting took place over seven months at the Capitol, the rioting was over the same afternoon.

This summer, 23 people were shot dead at the Capitol one rioter was shot.

This summer, 700 officers were injured at the Capitol 14 officers were injured.

This summer, 150 federal buildings were damaged at the Capitol one building was damaged.

This summer, hundreds of small businesses were destroyed at the Capitol no small businesses were destroyed.

The summer rioting was not roundly condemned by Democrats or the national news media. If the Capital police, the D.C. police, the FBI and the Secret Service didn't know about the possibility of violence at the Capital, how was Donald Trump supposed to know? President Trump held many political rallies last year and there was no violence. Do the attendees at the Trump rally's look like the kind of people that could be incited to violence? I don't think so. It is interesting to note the same people opposed to building a border wall, now want bigger and taller fences erected around the Capital.

A great deal of media attention is being paid to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, but little attention was paid to the seven months of summer rioting and looting. More attention should be paid to why a million Trump supporters came to Washington. Most of the 74 million who voted for Trump believe voter fraud occurred in the five large cities of the five most critical swing states and would like safeguards to be instituted for future elections.

I do not condone the Capitol rioting that took place on Jan. 6, 2021. We need to use some perspective when evaluating what took place two weeks ago in Washington and the extended rioting that took place over the seven summer months.

Phil Petersen,