Letter to the Editor

The American democracy?

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The deplorable Jan. 6 assault on our Capitol will never be forgotten. It was fomented and incited by President Trump and his enablers. It should be no surprise coming from a man having no regard for our Constitution, institutions, rule of law, separation of powers or mankind in general.

He believed being president allowed him unlimited personal power and gain, in essence being a monarch never to be challenged by future fair elections. Actually, he is the embodiment of conservatism radicalized over the past 50 years as eloquently outlined in a new book, "We Should Have Seen It Coming!" Hopefully by the time this is printed, Trump will have been dealt with as well as Guiliani, Don Jr., Rep. Brooks, Sens. Hawley and Cruz and any others who abetted this insurrection so they cannot damage our country further. Enough is enough!

We citizens have taken our democracy for granted and now clearly see how fragile it really is. We see dictators around the world showcasing the Capitol assault as the culmination of democratic failure. Do we want to continue the course of divisiveness to ruination or rekindle a new chapter for the great American experiment? The Georgia senatorial election may have provided an answer. It is now critical that we get behind newly elected President Biden and his team to begin rebuilding depleted administrative departments, respect/utilize institutions, competently tackle the COVID disaster, re-establish international ties and finally lead legislative initiatives to address America's problems and opportunities. But maybe more important, we re-generate an "air of inclusiveness" for all; based upon truth, fairness, empathy and shared values. The road ahead will not be easy. But the American Dream is still alive and well if we collectively make that choice. Letís get to work!

Terry B. Yarns

Spirit Lake