Letter to the Editor

Billowing clouds of smoke

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

In last week's Letter to the Editor there was a lot of smoke — even allegations that a fire was being created — over President Trump not ceding the election. It is only three weeks after a hotly-contested presidential election. President Trump is merely exercising his legal right to verify the voting.

Keep in mind at 10 p.m. Election night (Tuesday) the vote counting in five key battleground states was suspended with President Trump leading by large margins. About 3 a.m. Wednesday morning massive numbers of "Biden" votes started appearing. Amazingly these votes were 100% for Biden – none for Trump. These latenight votes only voted for Biden, no down party candidates received any votes. Shortly thereafter Biden was declared the winner. Does that sequence of events pass the common sense test?

The liberal national news media along with the "Tech Sector" (Facebook and Twitter) are all for Biden. For the last four years, this liberal gang spent all of their time pounding anti-Trump messages of Russia-Russia-Russia, the Mueller investigation and impeachment. One would think they could let the Trump team have a few weeks to investigate voter fraud. Especially when Hillary Clinton and the Georgia Governor candidate (Stacy Abrams) still haven't accepted their defeat from several years ago.

You might wonder how Republicans can win all of the House elections and retain all of their Senate seats, except one, and yet Biden receives more votes than President Trump. To my understanding there were additional "Biden votes" added without a Republican observer allowed to witness how the votes were counted.

A lot of smoke is being created by the allegation President Trump is not allowing the Democratic candidate to be briefed about government operations. During the election process, Joe Biden seemed to feel he knew enough to criticize everything President Trump was doing.

It is hard to imagine why Biden-Harris need to be briefed on government operations considering Joe Biden was a senator for 47 years plus vice-president for eight years, and Kamala Harris is a sitting U.S. Senator on several high ranking committees. Has it occurred to anyone that whoever is the next president does not take office until Jan. 20, 2021?

Today's reality — any bad news about COVID-19 will be blamed on President Trump. Most of Biden's COVID suggestions are ideas President Trump has already implemented. If Joe Biden has the magic bullet to fix COVID-19 why doesn't he tell us now? Why is all the reporting about “new cases”? If COVID-19 is as bad as they say, why is the obituary section of the newspapers about the same size as it has always been? It should be three times larger.

One thing we know for sure — assuming Biden is declared the winner — the national news media will declare any successes after Jan. 20 to be Biden successes and any failures after Jan. 20 will be Trump's failures.

Phil Petersen