Letter to the Editor

Great American experiment

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

We may be seeing our republic disintegrating before our eyes. Is this really what more than 72 million Trump voters envisioned or wanted? Clearly, Trump lost the election by over 5 million votes but insists on shattering every norm practiced by 44 previous presidents ó peaceful transfer of power.

Instead, Trump refuses to concede, dismantles the Defense Department, enlists the Attorney General to intercede in state election counting/results and encourages the State Department Secretary and other officials to state to the world they are transitioning to a second Trump term!

It is expected Trump will still fire the FBI and CIA leaders. These are the continued actions of a wannabe banana-republic dictator claiming a fraudulent election who insists he still has "total control." And, what is the response of House and Senate Republicans? Total Silence! (Perhaps this will change by the time this may be printed.) They insist Trumpís ego must be humored or coddled as the process runs its course.

This continuing allegiance to a cult-leader is dangerous. Their silence undermines the fundamental election process basic to our constitutional democracy and destroys the Founding Fathers' principles of mutual tolerance and institutional forbearance.

In the meantime, the COVID-19 pandemic ravages our society with nearly a quarter million deaths and resulting economic disaster with no presidential response or plan to combat it by the Trump team. Clearly, the fragility of our democracy is on display for the world to see! As I have stated before, today we are witnessing a 50-year culmination of constitutional backsliding by a Congress filled with ideologues concerned only with power and personal enrichment; led by a current president having absolutely no respect for our constitution, institutions, international standing or official behavior.

Are we headed for a coup attempt, civil war, dictatorship or massive civil unrest? These are serious issues to thoughtfully consider immediately. Time may be running short for Americans as a whole to regain the spirit of the "The Great American Experiment." Regardless of political persuasion, all of us need to contact our congressional representatives to demand they acknowledge duly elected President Biden and assure a peaceful power transfer to his team take place.

Terry B. Yarns

Spirit Lake