Letter to the Editor

Kudos, Lori Pedersen!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Coming to the courthouse every day to make sure things are in order, arriving  early and leaving late. Lori Pedersen's steadfast dedication this election to the details will result in an uneventful tally. She deserves more than praise, she deserves a bonus. I am witness to it, every day, Saturdays and Sundays also. 

Next Tuesday, I will be at the courthouse very early to witness the early count; as of right now we are in record territory. I would not be surprised to see 6,500 early votes cast either in person or by mail. The remote early in-person voting station came together nicely. Mike Ehret, Jordan Moyer and Chris McNabb all had a hand in it. Well done.

I am quite sure that the tally will be complete by poll closing at 9 p.m. as the last two nationals were completed by 3 p.m. But here is the thing that I would like to offer — I am being sponsored by Sheriff Baloun — we both want the same thing: A clean count.

Now, as a rule, I will not say a word unless I see something — never happened yet, unless it is the dreaded two words of a voided ballot.

If a voter does not use the "secrecy envelope" it voids his ballot.

Editor's note: The Dickinson County Auditor's Office said ballots are not voided if there isn’t an envelope. A Democrat and a Republican put the ballot in a secrecy envelope on behalf of the voter.

Everyone says another phrase for "unintelligent behind" (seven letters two words —yes everyone says it). Clean, well organized and heavily used. Keep up the good work, Lori. 

Mike Miller

Spirit Lake