Letter to the Editor

How important is your vote?

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Obviously, your vote is only one in many millions. However, when actions are taken to suppress the vote, it effects not only your vote but millions of other voters. We are now in a raging pandemic and expert medical advice tells us to avoid interacting with large numbers of people, such as on site voting.

Unproven and misleading statements that voting by mail is rife with fraud and cannot be trusted are now being pushed, building the case for not accepting the results of the election vote and pushing the final decision to the Supreme Court.

With just weeks to go before the election, the U.S. Senate is considering filling the open seat. It now appears the vote to confirm the nominee will likely be successful. Given the nominee's history and the court's current make up, the court's vote would likely side with the president and declare him reelected.

Sadly to say, it's likely your vote and many others were not important.

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake