Letter to the Editor

Muffler enforcement

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

There needs to be a state law with a noise limit on those exhaust systems that were purposely altered to make more noise than no muffler. Smart alecs take a good and proper muffler off their trucks or motorcycles and put on a counterfeit thing that looks like a muffler, but really isn't. Look up muffler in your dictionary. They do this so they can harass the whole community with obnoxious and unnecessary noise.

The law must be written to make the operator "suddenly accelerate the engine" during testing, or it won't activate the noise meter.

Get some penalty and teeth in that noise law. It's long overdue to get some effective enforcement on such a law. Google search for Iowa Law 321.436. It's entitled "to prevent noise," but there has been little to no enforcement on it.

The city of Dubuque enacted an effective noise ordinance some years ago. The captain of the police force told me, "We have good citizen support for our efforts on this law." That same effort should be all over the state and in every county and city.

Now try to get our state lawmakers to get an effective law and penalty on this dastardly noise. There has to be some organization or some official or some place that put enough money in their election campaign to make them act on anything.

Herman Lenz