Letter to the Editor

Beware: Yard signs are being stolen

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Our yard signs have been gone on two occasions.

My dear wife is an immigrant. She was born in Poland. They mayor of her home town did not want his people overrun by Stalin's army on their way to unseat Hitler, so he organized an evacuation into Germany. My wife and family lived in the woods 12 days during the bombing of Berlin.

She thinks she sees Stalinist and Hitler-like qualities in President Trump, so she worked several hours to put the yard sign message (Biden-Harris) with masking tape on our garage door. By the next morning, that message had been ripped off, rolled up and put in our mail box. She's been busy today redoing the message on the garage door. We will try to have some security measures in place by this evening.

So please beware! Yard signs with a message contrary to some belief systems precipitate that kind of despicable behavior.

Gary Olson

Spirit Lake