Letter to the Editor

Looking for flaws or accomplishments?

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Some Democrats spend much of their waking hours trying to dig up dirt on President Trump. I believe a more productive use of our time would be to recognize the President's accomplishments. If you balance Trumps accomplishments against his character flaws, it is clear Trump's accomplishments more than outweigh his flaws. To test that theory think back about the many presidents we have had over our 200-year history. Presidential accomplishments stand out over their character flaws.

Democrats are making a big deal that some Republicans will not vote for President Trump. Many of the former Republicans who say they will not vote for Trump are neo-cons who want the United States to police the world. Yet we have learned, many times to our sorrow, that our attempts to police the world come with unanticipated and excessive costs. The few Republicans who say they will not vote for President Trump are more than balanced out by the 93 percent of Republicans who say they will vote for President Trump.

What is more amazing is how many in Congress can earn $174K per year and yet leave Congress after a few terms as multi-millionaires. Four years ago our country needed a president that was independently wealthy, so the candidate did not depend on campaign contributors that would have to be repaid after the election. President Trump won the 2016 presidential election by spending less money on his campaign than Hilary Clinton.

Many don't like President Trump's tweets. President Trump has used his tweets very effectively to inform the public of his accomplishments. It is clear the national news media will not give President Trump credit for anything. Just try to find any newspaper or broadcast news reports that give President Trump credit for accomplishing anything. They are always looking for the negative spin they can include in their reporting. In addition, the tech giants controlling the Internet Google, in particular suppresses most positive information about Trumps accomplishments. Just try to find any positive information about President Trump on the internet.

Little is said by the Democrats regarding their public policies. Everyone acknowledges the Democrats want to raise taxes, but what else? Are they really in favor of allowing nightly riots in some of America's largest cities? Are they really in favor of transsexual men competing against women athletes? Are they really in favor of open borders? No other developed country allows all comers to set up residence and tap into their national welfare system. Unfund the police?

Why is reporting about COVID-19 always presented as more "new cases?" Why aren't we informed if any of these "new cases" are experiencing COVID symptoms? How many of these "new cases" are resulting in hospitalization? A report about the trend of hospitalizations would be a better indicator of our progress against the virus. How many of the "new cases" have recovered or do those infected have COVID-19 for life? A review of the newspaper obituaries does not show any uptick in deaths.

A few months ago, the word was "we will have to wait for a vaccine" to return to a normal life. President Trump requested the COVID vaccine be developed at "warp speed." Now three vaccines are nearing completion of their testing and could be available for public use this fall. That is bad news for Democrats who seem to want to keep the American people out of work and out of school well past the November election.

Phil Petersen