Letter to the Editor

Stopping the spread

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

I went to the Spirit Lake Post Office on Saturday and the clerks did not have masks on, but they were behind plastic. Then a man at the door without a mask came very close to me and I asked him to get back and told him to wear a mask.

He said, "What did you say?" And I again said, "Would you please wear a mask; you are too close to me." He called me an "old b." I have never been cussed at or called such a name in my life. I was so upset.

I am a nurse. I am a retired infection control nurse certified in epidemiology. I am high risk. I am 77 years old. I want a vaccine as soon as possible. Life is complicated. I have been sheltered in place in Arizona and then quarantined in Iowa. I then have sheltered in place since May 11 in Iowa. I rarely go to the post office.

We have a son in Japan that I was mailing a letter to and it had to be weighed. I had on my mask and my shield. Please if you are the man without the mask, please get a mask and wear it. There is a sign by the post office door asking you to wear a mask. Please everyone wear a mask now. Please help us stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Sincerely yours,

Colleen Mae Lemkuil R.N, P.H.N.

Spirit Lake