Letter to the Editor

Another successful Red Cross blood drive

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

We had another fairly successful Red Cross Blood Drive in Spirit Lake where we had registered 33 donors, received 40 units of blood, had eight donors of power red blood with only one deferral. We also had a first time donor which is always exciting.

Due to this recent COVID-19 pandemic, the protocol of blood donating changed. No one was able to give unless they had an appointment and were to be there no more than 15 minutes before their appointment or be no more than 15 minutes late. No walk-ins were permitted to give as we didn't want anyone waiting for obvious reasons. We also had 11 people that made appointments that were a "no show," which was a disappointment as others wanted to schedule an appointment and there were no openings. Please, please, if you have an appointment, come. If you are unsure if you can come, please leave the appointments for others who want to give and will make a point to be there.

Our next blood drive will be Oct. 19, and please make appointments on line or by phone.

My thanks go out to those who so willingly volunteered: Diane Zempel ( who pulled a double as we were so short of help), Marion Morse, our RSVP co-ordinator, De Neitt VanDenBroeke and Grace Gerdes. Thanks also to the Senior Center for their help and this was a wonderful facility to accommodate this event.

Your generosity is most appreciated by those needing transfusions in trauma situations and for ongoing treatment of chronic life-threatening illnesses. The supply of blood is in urgent need and this is commodity cannot be manufactured.

Karen Dokken

Co-coordinator for Spirit Lake