Letter to the Editor

Our country is about to go haywire

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Last week in a Letter to the Editor, the author was quite agitated over what was called President Trump's multiple "rants." Funny, I don't remember any Trump "rant." Calling comments from the President of the United States a "rant" demonstrates that the author is unable to evaluate the President's actions in a fair and impartial manner.

The writer seems to be preoccupied with what President Trump is planning. In the writer's mind, the President is up to some real evil activities. This flawed thinking is hardly unique. The national news media only reports the negative side of President Trump's actions. Every policy move a President takes has positive and negative aspects. Unfortunately, only the negative aspects are reported. One reason liberals think President Trump is the devil is they don't take the time to see the positive aspects.

The words used by the author to describe the President's comments have the appearance of being written by the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. The second paragraph is full of allegations with no proof provided. A more reasoned approach might be able to convince some independent voters to vote for the Democratic nominee, but this heavy-negative viewpoint will not convince anyone that has not already been brainwashed.

The hot topic of the day seems to be is President Trump trying to restore order and protect federal property in a few cities with heavy rioting or is he trying to institute national martial law so he can become President for life? There are not enough federal law enforcement officers (FBI, US Marshalls, Federal Protective Service, and Secret Service) to implement national martial law. We have already seen what can happen to federal property in Portland when the local police are told not to help protect the federal courthouse.

It does seem strange that Democrats are unable to state publicly that local law enforcement should protect our federal property and employees. Republicans must be the true "deplorables" when they are unwilling to stop President Trump from wreaking the whole country. Last week's author is correct to be concerned about our future when rioters are able to set fire to and destroy any property they choose without consequences.

Phil Petersen