Letter to the Editor

Time to seriously study history

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

I contemplated writing about key positive issues or programs that could be introduced after our next election. However, following President Trump's Rose Garden rant, his recent TV interviews, his rebooting of misinformation/politicizing the COVID-19 crisis and now his dispatching federal militia into sovereign cities managed by political opponents, it becomes more important we seriously study history of constitutional democratic demise! Trump's actions flaunt the concerns of Hamilton and other founders in creating the American presidency they perceived to be based upon trust of mutual toleration and institutional forbearance.

Trump's rant insinuating a Biden election would destroy our economy, religion and suburban life plus his assertions the November election will be rigged and he will "have to see" if he accepts its results show total disdain for mutual tolerance. His escalating assault on institutions and disregard for rule of law, backed by a corrupt attorney general and other consensual department heads, culminating in deployment of militias against American citizens should set off alarm bells for the electorate. History shows these are the actions of an authoritarian regime gradually eroding democratic principles.

Since at election time the COVID-19 virus may still be rampant and peaceful demonstrations still proceeding, it's not inconceivable for Trump to declare Marshall Law prior to elections or declare results invalid! Our Congress, especially the Senate, and court system seem to be asleep at the wheel or complicit, so now is the time for all Americans to realize the upcoming election may be the most monumental in the history of our constitutional democracy and demand there be no impediments to the election process.

Voters need to open the history books, get the facts relating to demise of great civilizations and rise of dictatorships, then seriously contemplate where America is headed under current or future Trump administration. Two recent books, "How Democracies Die" or "The Road to Unfreedom" are of immense value for all voters to read and comprehend. Trump and his Republican supporting minions, including our Senator Ernst who is running bogus ads essentially calling all demonstrations street anarchy in support of Trump's militias, must be voted out in November. America's crossroad has arrived and time is running out for us to decisively act to preserve our democracy!

Terry B. Yarns

Spirit Lake