Fair group asks for public support

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Dickinson County Fair Board has established a "Friends of the Dickinson County Fair" group for individuals and businesses to assist in funding some fair costs for the July 17-23 Dickinson County Fair.

"Everyone agrees that 2020 has been a crazy, mixed up year," Fair Board Treasurer Susan Reiser said. "The Fair Board is usually renting out the Expo and Community Building but because of COVID, we were forced to close the facility for the safety of residents. As a result of no rentals, the Fair Board is finding themselves short of funds to pay for the judges and youth premium awards at the fair this year."

To offset costs of $8,100 for those two items, the Fair Board recently established the "Friends of the Dickinson County Fair." It is the intent to hold community funds in this account so that the fair board can draw on the account when unexpected fair expenses occur.

"We are asking our awesome fair supporters to dig a little deeper in their pockets and become a Friend of the Dickinson County Fair," said Fair Board President Doug Loerts.

Checks can be mailed to:

Friends of the Dickinson County Fair

1602 15th St

Spirit Lake, IA 51360

Questions can be directed to Fair Manager John Guthrie at 336-0479.

"By now people are tired of hearing 'together we can all get through this.' But in reality that is the truth," Reiser said. "It takes many to make things happen. We hope many will do their part to touch the lives and warm the hearts of our youth who really are our future leaders."

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