Letter to the Editor

He must have a magic wand

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Last week in a Letter to the Editor the author suggested that since President Trump has committed so many crimes he will surely would be indicted and sent to prison. In a town that has 93 percent democratic voters one would think it would be difficult to find a jury that would not convict a Republican president. With all of those resources digging for any dirt on President Trump they surely would have found some crimes after four years of searching. Let’s see how they have done so far.

The two year Mueller investigation of Trump employed 19 federal prosecutors, 40 FBI agents with 2,800 subpoenas for 500 witnesses that produced a 448 page report. Their conclusion was the Trump campaign and presidency had not committed any crimes.

President Trump has been investigated multiple times by the Senate Intelligence and Judiciary committees. They found have found no crimes. In January, the House sent two Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Their "evidence" included 28,000 pages of testimony and 190 video clips of the House testimony. After several weeks weeks of the House presenting their "evidence" the Senate found no grounds for impeachment.

Considering the majority of the national news networks hate Trump it is no wonder the national press is full of negative Trump stories from unidentified sources. The hundreds of reporters working for the national news media spend every day searching every possible negative story trying to "get the goods on Trump." Lots of allegations – no proof.

The Democrats should tell you what government policies they support. Instead they prefer to pick on President Trump's personality and irrelevant details. The reason Democrats don't talk about their policies is they know they would be very unpopular with the majority of Americans. Their policies include open borders, major prison releases, defunding of the police, more people on welfare and the elimination of fossil fuels. Their goal is to have the largest number of American citizens dependent on the federal government for their food, housing, education, and healthcare.

Should the Democrats win in November, you might think you will escape higher income taxes. But you will not escape higher sales and gasoline taxes. There are not enough millionaires and billionaires to subsidize the exploding cost of government as the Democrats envision it.

It reminds me that during the 2016 Presidential campaign — when President Trump said he was going to bring jobs back to the United States. The retort from President Obama "those jobs are gone — what is he going to do, 'wave a magic wand?'" It appears President Trump does have a magic wand that can create jobs and make crimes disappear.

Phil Petersen