Letter to the Editor

Small actions can keep our community safe

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

As the July 4 holiday approaches, let's take a moment to think about what makes our community special, and what it will take to keep it that way. The Iowa Great Lakes are known for family-friendly fun, spectacular natural beauty, high-quality dining and other amenities, and — most importantly — a population that truly cares for one another. We write to remind you that when it comes to COVID-19, we really are all in this together. We must care for our neighbors over the July 4th holiday and all summer long.

If you choose to go out this holiday weekend, or if your work depends on you being out in public, please wear a mask. Masks are not political statements. They are simply the easiest way to keep our economy open through this pandemic. Some studies show that if we all wore masks, the transmission rate would drastically drop. This is how we can continue to keep our businesses staffed and our susceptible community members safe. Masks are a sign of love and respect for those around you — please mask up!

Continue to stay at least six feet away from people outside your family unit, especially when inside. Physical distancing is an effective way of keeping you and others around you safe. Keep gatherings small, and when you can, keep them outside.

We love our community in the Iowa Great Lakes, and we take our neighbors' health and safety seriously. Through social distancing, we kept COVID-19 largely at bay until June; however, as we have seen with numbers rising, the virus is here. As hard as it will be, we have to change our behavior to protect our loved ones. Remember to physically distance, wear a mask when in public or at work, wash hands frequently, and look out for one another. We are happy to welcome our visitors; please know that LRH is ready and able to care for all your medical needs — COVID or otherwise. Please responsibly enjoy our Okoboji summer.

 Thank you for helping to keep our community safe and healthy.



The Lakes Regional Healthcare COVID-19 Task Force

Dickinson County Public Health

Dickinson County Emergency Management