Letter to the Editor

Justice for all, or cover for one?

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Just about every cabinet department has been corrupted during Trump's Administration but none as overtly and grossly as the Department of Justice under the direction of William Barr.

His total disregard for his oath of office to support our Constitution, disdain for the DOJ institution and use of the DOJ to cover President Trump's personal prejudices and biases is a dangerous national disgrace. Actions such as:

undermining the Mueller report relating to Russian voting interference,

supporting continuous investigation of Ukraine/Biden fallacies,

non-support of whistle-blowers,

heading lawsuits to eliminate Obamacare and production of Trump's finance/tax information,

ignoring numerous subpoenas,

dismissing Michael Flynn charges,

forcing lower sentencing of Roger Stone,

clearing Lafayette Square of protesters for Trump's photo shoot,

initiating an unidentified militia during a peaceful protest

and lying about dismissal of the Southern New York AG due to investigations into funding of the Trump campaign and inauguration,

plus various activities involving Rudy Giuliani serve only to cover misdeeds, collusion and obstruction of justice associated with President Trump!

Barr's performance has totally run amok, creating distrust in the DOJ and undermining belief in justice for all. Trust in our institutions is paramount for our Constitutional Democracy to function. We cannot accept politics trumping law at DOJ where the president is held above the law which leads to an executive autocracy.

Normally, AG impeachment would be a solution. However, since Senate Republicans would turn a blind eye to impeachment another remedy is for Congress to shut off DOJ funding. But the real solution is for Americans to wake up to the widespread constitutional corruption inspired by the Trump presidency and vote him and his Republican cronies out of office in November!

Terry B. Yarns

Spirit Lake