Letter to the Editor

Let's suppress Iowa voting

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

I take total exception to State Senator Zach Whiting's summation of HF2486 that it assures safe, secure and reliable rules to follow for Iowans to vote. He states voter ID legislation must be enforced, that it sets checks and balances for the Secretary of State under emergency powers, that no more than 35% of polling places can be closed in an emergency and finally acceptable absentee applications must complete all information.

This thinly guised bill should simply be titled, "Let's Suppress Iowa Voting!" The original voter ID law was enacted to prevent gross voter fraud which was never proven to exist. This new bill essentially "checks" the Secretary of State so that he/she cannot facilitate a record voter turnout such as just happened in the primary election! If the governor declares an emergency, 35% of polling places could be closed and it doesn't take too much imagination to figure out which places would be impacted.

Appropriate information is provided when one registers to vote at a county courthouse so what additional information is needed to secure an absentee ballot? While any registered voter can still request an absentee ballot, this bill makes the process more difficult. Given the COVID-19 epidemic, voting accessibility, especially for seniors, should be made easier and means to expand voter turnout as demonstrated by our Secretary of State (a Republican) in the primary should be commended.

HF2486 represents the opposite and continues overtly Republican efforts elicited from the Oval Office right through grass roots legislatures to suppress voting rights. This bill is despicable and should not be enacted. Please communicate with Governor Reynolds and demand this bill be vetoed!

Terry B. Yarns

Spirit Lake