Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

I hardly know where to begin. This past week of "slumber party antics" by the Iowa Legislature has left me with a mixture of disappointment, anger and confusion.

Late Saturday night, our esteemed representatives voted not only to suppress the votes of those who elected them, but, in essence, vowed to put us all in harm's way. In a conversation with John Wills, he informed me that "we feel the Secretary of State over-stepped his bounds" when he sent absentee ballot requests to all eligible voters in Iowa. That was his response to my question: "From whom did you receive a legal opinion concerning Mr. Pate's actions?"

My guess is no legal opinion was sought. I suggested that Mr. Wills check Iowa Code 47.1. He then informed me that it didn't matter what I thought he knew I didn't vote for him. So much for fair representation.

So, with COVID-19 numbers rising like a flash flood in Dickinson County, our legislators found it necessary to force all of us to go to the courthouse (currently open by appointment only) and present our ID in order to request an absentee ballot. Certainly an unacceptable solution to put the Secretary of State in his place. This is simply a plan to suppress our constitutional right to vote.

A wise person once said "Don't listen to what they say watch what they do." If any of you think Randy Feenstra will fight for you in Washington, you are sadly mistaken.

Personally, I think our legislators in Des Moines have over-stepped their bounds.

Virginia Kelly

Spirit Lake