Letter to the Editor

Looking for relatives

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

My name is Marchetta Stillwell White. I live in Beeville, Texas. I am looking for any relatives of my parents Cecile Voigt and Benjamin Franklin (Frank) Stillwell. I am interested in finding more about my paternal family.

I was born June 5, 1938, in Spirit Lake. My father was born March 26, 1874, son of Benjamin Cummings and Francis Bair Stillwell. He died July 8, 1944. His first wife was Myrtle Craft. After her death, they lived at 202 19th and my grandmother lived with my father until her death in 1928. My parents married in 1930. I was born in 1938. My sister Linda in 1943.

I would love to know of any relatives still in the area. I would like to know more about my father's family.

Contact me at 361-358-5556 email at yellowthunder88@yahoo.com or write to:

5996 Yucca Trail

Beeville, Texas 78102


Marchetta White