Letter to the Editor

Great Neighbors!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I just received a generous check from the Good Neighbor Agency to support the Voluntary Action Center and its work with the Healthy Hometown and other food insecurity groups. It still overwhelms me when I think about how generous people in our community are.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank specific people/organizations in this area for their generosity in this trying time. We put out a call for volunteers to pick up food, prescriptions, and other necessities, and to deliver Meals on Wheels, and heard from 140 people in just a couple of days! My colleagues in other Meals on Wheels organizations across the nation are telling me that finding drivers in their areas is extremely difficult (by the way you can still sign up to volunteer or request assistance at iglcoronarelief.org).

VAC received a grant from the Okoboji Foundation at the beginning of this crisis to help fund Meals on Wheels and to provide items for our local pantries. Marie Stricker from Fareway donated four large boxes of beautiful fruit to the Good News Community Church pantry and lots of empty boxes for us to use. I asked a few churches to provide masks for our pantry clients and I received almost 200 masks within a week from the First Presbyterian Church ladies. Papa's Smokin' Meats put on a free Easter dinner and when I asked for volunteers to help serve, dozens of people stepped up. I'm sure that Iíve forgotten someone, but THANK YOU, ALL!

We are all incredibly lucky to live amongst such generous people!

Angela Kofoot, Executive Director

Voluntary Action Center / Meals on Wheels