Letter to the Editor

40 years and counting?

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The 1980 election year was highlighted by a campaign quote, "Government is not the solution; government is the problem."

Today, 40 years later, after successive deregulations, massive tax cuts, unattended infrastructure, environmental degradation, multiple war zones, unraveling of unions, assault on women's rights, gerrymandering voting districts, overbearing lobbyist influence, disregard for science, public education downfall, unsustainable wealth gap, rapid middle-class erosion and recent "government deconstruction" efforts we now face the results.

The coronavirus problem needs a solution, and we essentially have no effective national government to address it! President Trump's dismissal of warnings which, along with a dysfunctional administration staff and paralytic legislative bodies in Washington D.C., allowed the disease a two-month free ride!

Fortunately, most governors belatedly listened to medical experts and made necessary critical decisions while receiving very little material federal support and misleading, inconsistent or non-existent presidential leadership. This has resulted in nearly a million Americans contracting the disease and tens of thousands of deaths in a short period.

Our economy is in shambles with every citizen, corporation, small business and organization wanting or needing a bailout. Consequently, the national debt is ballooning astronomically and the Federal Reserve has added trillions to its balance sheet! Plus, we face major costly societal and business operational changes until an effective treatment regimen and vaccine for this virus is developed. Hopefully this viral outbreak has finally brought America to its senses to end 40 years of political craziness!

Clearly unregulated laissez-faire capitalism with extremely low, disproportional tax rates has failed miserably! There is no trickle-down; only trillions of dollars of wealth disparity and lost hope in the American dream. The stock market is not a true barometer of economic well-being.

Experience shows how unmitigated lobbyist control of Congress threatens our democratic form of government. Government is not the problem! Responsible government is essential to solving the nationís problems. This makes our next election cycle most critical. We need new leadership at all levels of government. We must elect candidates who face truth, despite sure personal retribution, who espouse a new philosophy in dealing with job creation, debt reduction, fair taxation, lobbyist influence elimination, PAC finance regulation, healthcare reforms, immigration reform, science-based decisions, education support and international relationships. Solutions will be painful for all citizens to bear, but must be addressed and absorbed for our constitutional democracy to survive. We voters are to blame for allowing 40 years of obviously failed political actions to prevail. Time is now for ending our 40-year nightmare. Vote for a new course of action.

Terry B. Yarns

Spirit Lake