Letter to the Editor

Good leader: Opinion or fact?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Last week in a Letter to the Editor an author stated his opinion that President Trump was incompetent. Is that fact or fiction? When Democrats can't get the public to go along with their policies for more government, free health care, open borders and elimination of fossil fuel they resort to character assassination.

The author charges — beginning in the fourth paragraph — that President Trump’s administration "has no morality or ethics, continuously creates falsehoods, and denies facts." Continuing "He surrounds himself with 'yes persons'…… There is no plan for anything…" Of course, the author provides no facts to support these allegations.

If the President is so incompetent how did he receive 63 million votes? Today, 95 percent of Republicans continue to support him. Is it only "the deplorables” that support President Trump? When Trump took office it was claimed the stock market would crash. Instead, the stock market reached historic highs before being brought down by the COVID-19 virus attack.

Is Trump responsible for the COVID-19 virus attack? To his credit, President Trump acted early (Jan. 31) — before Covian 19 was well known — to ban all flights from China coming into the United States. When Trump took this early action, Democrats cried that Trump was racist. Democrats could not be bothered with this small virus attack in China, since they were busy trying to impeach the president. For decades no president wanted to confront Communist China – they were too big and too powerful. Highly paid lobbyists for China abound in Washington, making it difficult to take any serious action against China. Now President Trump has successfully negotiated very favorable trade agreements for the United States with China, Japan, Canada and Mexico.

President Trump has created a strong White House Coronavirus Task Force headed by Vice President Mike Pence. There are daily press conferences to keep the public informed. Key players in this White House task force include NIH Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Burks along with CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield and his deputy Dr. Anne Schuchat. They are hardly "yes persons." If you watch these daily press conferences on television you will understand they are taking effective action to protect the United States.

Some want a smooth talking president (Clinton) that will promise programs that focus groups have indicated are momentarily popular. For many candidates, the promises made on the campaign trail will never be implemented. President Trump has a strong record of implementing his campaign promises. I prefer a president who tells us what he is thinking – even if it is not popular at the moment. In some cases, President Trump is "testing the water" to gauge the level of public support. Apparently, liberals seem to have trouble telling the difference between serious plans, the testing of ideas and jokes.

Phil Petersen