Letter to the Editor

Right On Seth Boyes!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Your review of past miscarriages of justice by our government and their similarity to the actions of our current president should be seen by all Americans as another tragedy in the making. Since the days of the Emancipation Proclamation there has been a latent element of racism in small parts of our population. No president since then has supported this prejudice till the current holder of this office.

His statements and actions regarding who we should allow to enter our country have centered on race and religion. In an effort to stop families from entering, he separated and caged thousands of their children not keeping records of their identities, making it nearly impossible to ever reunite them with their parents.

Sadly, the president's actions have appealed to those who want the country to only be white and Christian and in increasing numbers are inciting violence against minorities.

In November our country will decide who should lead our country. House, Senate and the presidency are facing the public vote. Now, other issues arise: healthcare availability, climate change, tax equity, Russian interference in our elections and international relations with our allies. Hopefully, right and justice will prevail.

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake