Letter to the Editor

Great mentors

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Since I was very young, how boys/men treat girls/women has been important to me. My views have influenced and been influenced by the work I do as a pastor. And so it is a delight for me to go to basketball games at Spirit Lake High School to witness, our girls coaches, Naet Hoaglund and Nic Meendering, teach, lead, and mentor their players with respect.

What men say and how we say it to young women really matters! We have the opportunity every day to honor them, to show and encourage them to set the bar as high as possible (no matter who the man is or what his position/title may be), and I think especially to believe them when they are wronged in those matters and to stand alongside them when it is time to make things right. Again, thank you, gentlemen, for the shining example of your behavior and the difference it is making.

Dr. Martin S. Lucin

Pastoral Ministries

Grace Lutheran Church