Letter to the Editor

Republican Party R.I.P?

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Traditionally the Republican Party stood for national security, constitutional adherence, fiscal restraint, limited regulation, law and order and family values. It is distressing to see these principles totally abandoned in support of President Trump who shares nothing in common with party beliefs. Further it is sickening to see long-time Congressional Republicans prostrating themselves to turn a blind eye in support of Trump's boasting, lies, pro-Russian actions, fiscal insanity, environmental disregard, distancing of allies or downright disgusting, divisive and insulting rhetoric. Truly, the Grand Old Party, including our Iowa Senators, has lost its way. It has evolved into a personality cult party of Trump! A cult of oneness where honesty, integrity, facts, laws and our Constitution have no standing only loyalty to "the one's" well-being and enrichment is required.

If any true Republicans remain, they should be asking themselves if party/cult power and packing the courts are more important than compromising our constitutional democracy. Will they stand up to reclaim the founding party principles of Lincoln or quietly allow the party to dissolve into a dangerous cult? Based upon the impeachment process, it doesn't appear that any currently elected Republicans will step forward to protect the Constitution. Sadly, the "party" appears to be on its deathbed, leaving it up to voters to determine the ultimate outcome. Let's hope they do. Time is running out.

Terry B. Yarns

Spirit Lake