Letter to the Editor

Questioning climate change causes

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Roger R. Patocka (Citizens Climate Lobby Iowa Great Lakes Co-chair) has decided my letter on climate change would benefit from some factual information to dispel its misinformation."

True? In the immortal words of POTUS #42, I suppose it "depends on what the meaning of the word is is!" 

Is man-made climate change fact or feeling? Climate change is occurring — has been since creation — and "greenhouse gases" are rising as the world burns more fossil fuel. Those are facts, but man-made climate change is merely a warmed-over version of "global warming." (The model that said global temperatures would rise because more heat is retained.)

Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn't cooperate with a 14-year period of no change in world-wide temperatures starting in the late 90s so, like all true scientists, keep the model and merely change the name!

My main point is more fossil fuel is burned sending more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere over the life of a wind turbine than burning the fossil fuel directly! Unless you're a pseudo-scientist employed by the wind industry, all true scientists agree that a life cycle cost analysis of a wind turbine when all costs — including cost of keeping fossil fuel generators on standby ready for instant service when wind stops blowing — are considered, more fossil fuel is expended than will ever be recovered by the turbine!  In fact, turbines provide, on average, electricity only 33% of the time! 

Patocka's assertion that 97% of scientists believe "changes in Earth's climate that we have observed and that are predicted are directly attributable to human actions" isn't quite true! The question asked was "Do you believe climate changes might be attributable to human activities?"

Ninty-seven percent of scientists do NOT believe climate change is man-made! 

"Some of today's farming pioneers are wisely transitioning to more conservation farming (cover crops, no-till …)."  Certainly no-till and cover crops are the absolute best practices for farmers. It may be (or not) of interest that I have been farming continuous no-till for 30-plus years and my son (now farming my land) is the expert in northwest Iowa on cover crops who has every single acre protected with cover crops flown on in late August into standing corn and soybeans. Why? It's the right thing for our environment (surface waters) and we make more money.

Certainly its not because of man-made climate change which is nothing more than the southern emissions of a north-bound horse.

Jerry Crew