Letter to the Editor

Okoboji Middle School property

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

As the November 5th election approaches, we are reminded that good decisions are based on truthful information. It is in this spirit that we share the following information with you regarding the two issues pertaining to the Okoboji Community School District.

First, the Public Measure GS regarding the sale of the middle school will be on the ballot. Here are some items to consider:

If you vote no, the school board would be able to transition the property to the best use for our community while following the State of Iowa Codes.

If you vote yes, the school board will be required to accept the highest bid regardless of the future usage of that property.

Whatever the outcome of the vote, all proceeds from the sale will be applied to pay down the debt incurred for the new middle school.

Second, there are three open spots on the school board with three candidates on the ballot, John Klopstad, Tracy Evans and Jon Pausley. These three candidates are the only ones who took the initiative and put forth the effort to have their names on the ballot. They are qualified, proven leaders in our community.

In addition, you may wonder the stance of Imagine Iowa Great Lakes as it relates to the sale of the middle school. The Imagine group has withdrawn their $1.1 million dollar offer to buy the property due to the community petition that led to this vote. They never intended to profit from the transaction as you can see from the following quote from their news release dated Aug.3, 2018: "Imagine Iowa Great Lakes intended to donate any profit derived from a future sale of the property back to the Okoboji Community School District."

Although only the voters in the Okoboji Community School District will be able to vote on these issues, the ramifications of this vote will affect our entire county and visitors to the Iowa Great Lakes.

Thank you.


Emil & Sue Richter