Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

We all have opinions on the right way to get things done. That is a given. This ad in the Lakes News Shopper and Dickinson County News this week has a lot of questions and answers on the sale of the Okoboji Middle School in Arnolds Park. Is it right? Do WE ALL have ALL the facts? Sometimes I think we rely too much on social media for our information.

Some months ago, I asked a question of a school board member in a phone conversation and thought that that concern would be shared with all the school board members. Apparently not so, as I learned at the following school board meeting, I attended.

On Oct. 10, 2019 I wrote (emailed) all the members of the Okoboji School Board and copied our superintendent with three questions. First was on eminent domain the board is pursuing; second was on the cost of the September special election to the school district and third was why are not all the board members present at the school board meetings. Only two members responded; one that day and the other was two days later, which was fine. At least there was some response. Where are the rest of the school board members?

So now we are looking at the sale of the middle school in Arnolds Park issue again. At the August 2019 school board meeting I asked who the school had for a realtor. Answer: None, we are waiting for November ballot in regard to the petition that was signed last year (and is now on the November ballot). My question from the start is why would the school board be willing to accept a $1.1 million offer when they know (and we know) it is worth much more than that? That is a "no brainer." As far as I am concerned, a sale is a sale. The seller has no input as to what the buyer does with the sale of goods. And when I sell my home or investment property, I would want the most I could get, like everyone else. And that is a FACT!

I do wish the best for our new school board. I only ask that they be the most transparent board with the community and use our tax dollars wisely.

Best regards to all community members,

Darlene Moritz