Letter to the Editor

Is national news reporting fair, balanced?

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Last week the serial anti-Trump letter writer tried to make the case that Republicans were deserting President Trump. That is the big Democratic dream that Republicans will desert our president. The national news media continues to feed this pipe dream that Republicans will desert President Trump. The reality is that for more than a year 90 percent of Republicans have continued to support President Trump.

Democrats are constantly looking for Republican members of Congress that have deserted Trump to bolster their news stories. With 197 Republican House members and 53 Republican Senators, it is always possible to find one or two that do not support Trump. If the issue was a cure for cancer there would probably be one or two members of Congress that would say they are opposed.

I hate to think it is the military-industrial complex that is pushing the United States into endless wars. However, the profit motive is very strong. Many will remember that it was one of President Trump's campaign promises to get the United States out of endless wars. When he seeks to end United States involvement in foreign wars Middle East most recently the howls of protest within the Washington Beltway are deafening. When Trump was elected, the national news media was screaming "Trump is going to get us into endless wars." So much for that theory. I believe economic sanctions are more effective and less costly than endless wars. The money we have spent on endless wars abroad could be better spent at home on our roads, bridges and airports.

The wisdom of conducting an "impeachment inquiry" without a House vote to authorize it and to hold hearings in secret seems suspect. You really know the purpose of the House Democrats when only information damaging to President Trump is leaked. The Democrats are even talking about when is the optimum time to take the House vote to be the most damaging to President Trump. Does anyone really think the Republican-controlled Senate is going to vote to convict President Trump? Remember a two-thirds vote is required in the Senate.

We all know the national news media is anti-Trump. Their news stories that are 93 percent anti-Trump confirm that fact. It is bad enough that the national newspapers are anti-Trump, but the impact is also felt in regional newspapers like the DMR and SCJ that obtain their national news from the Associated Press and Reuters. For conformation, just try to find a positive news story about Trump. For even more confirmation about the grip the East Coast elites hold on us try an internet search for "Trump accomplishments" you will get the idea.

Now the Democrats are worried if any of their 20 presidential hopefuls can really beat Trump. You may have a second chance to vote for Hillary.

Phil Petersen