Letter to the Editor

All is not what it seems to be

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Last week the serial anti-Trump letter writer tried to present a distorted view of the Ukraine impeachment effort. The first "whistleblower" did not have firsthand knowledge of what was said on the telephone call between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky. When President Trump released the transcript it showed the "whistleblowers" suppositions were untrue. The Schiff subpoenas making big national news are not official since the House has not voted to approve an impeachment inquiry. They are merely letters requesting cooperation.

When Chairman Adam Schiff made his opening statement at the House Intelligence Committee hearing about the Ukraine telephone call he made up the words from his partisan imagination. Congressman Schiff’s made up opening statement does not match the official transcript. When Chairman Schiff was asked if he had any previous contact with the "whistleblower" he said "no." That proved to be a lie. Chairman Schiff received four Pinocchios from the Washington Post, which is reserved for a "whopper" of a false statement.

When the national news media repeats the same word over and over – like "constitutional crisis" — you know they are all receiving direction from a central source. Our national news media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, AP, NYT, and WP) are based in New York City and Washington, DC. Our nation’s capital voted 4% and Manhattan voted 10% for President Trump. Why would you expect our national news media to be fair and balanced? Even our local TV stations receive their national news from these East Coast liberal enclaves.

Then the national news media brings out a public opinion poll that indicates a majority of the American public support an impeachment inquiry. What they fail to mention is the sampling for the poll was heavily weighted with Democrats. That poll accuracy is about as accurate as the polls from the 2016 presidential election that predicted "Trump can't win 270 electoral college votes."

Do you feel we have one system of justice for all? Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails that were under a congressional subpoena to be maintained and not destroyed. The Clinton Foundation took in millions of dollars when many believed Hillary would be president. Once she was no longer the presidential candidate the money stopped flowing in. There was no prosecution. During the 2016 election the Democrat National Committee paid $12M to a foreign agent to produce false and spurious dirt on candidate Trump. Many politicians arrive in Washington with very little money and leave as multi-millionaires.

I believe the Democrats have come to the realization that they can't beat President Trump at the November 2020 polls – particularly with their policies. So impeachment is the only tool they have left.

Phil Petersen