Letter to the Editor

Running Out of Ideas

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Last week the serial anti-Trump letter writer tried to find a new way to make President Trump look bad. Fortunately, the Trump hating crowd is running out of new ideas. First, we had two years of Trump is guilty of Russian collaborator. When the Mueller Report debunked that theory it was necessary to think up new ideas. So, we were told Trump is a racist. When that didnít stick Trump was accused of being a white supremicist. Never mind that black and Hispanic unemployment is at its lowest point in 50 years. The accusation must be true, since all of the national news media report that message using the same words.

When all of those claims didn't stick we were treated to a "Sharpie-gate" evacuation. Somebody marked some map with some Sharpie pen. The Sharpie-pen episode was only good for a few days and was quickly forgotten. Now we are treated to the tapping the president's telephone. The Trump haters seem to have no reservation about revealing the distorted contents of a secure presidential telephone call, as long as it makes the president look bad. This continuing downward spiral of accusations seems to indicate we are scraping the bottom of barrel.

It is remarkable President Trump has a 91 percent approval rating from Republicans Ė or do we call them "deplorables?" In terms of overall public favorability polls I am sure Democrats canít understand why President Trump has a higher public approval rating than President Obama at the same point in their presidency. You just can't believe those polls. Remember all the polls in November 2016 that said Hillary had a 97 percent chance of winning the presidency?

With regard to China all that is reported is "Trumps Trade War." No mention is made that for decades we have had ó and continue to have ó a $500B negative trade imbalance with China. American manufacturers are not permitted to import products into China without major trade barriers. If an American manufacturer wants to sell their products in China they must manufacturer that item in China. When you manufacture in China you must teach the Chinese how to manufacture your product. If your product contains proprietary or intellectual property you must give it to the Chinese or they will just take it. If we don't deal with this huge trade imbalance now, it won't be long and we will all be working for the Chinese. Past presidents have not had the willpower to deal with the Chinese. President Trump has the drive. We should support Trump to the solution. The Chinese economy is hurting more than we are.

Final Thought: The top of the new 30-foot wall at our southern border (Arizona, California, Texas) was designed to be very hot to the touch. I am waiting for Democrats to request the top of the border wall be cooled or free wall gloves to make illegal border crossings easier.

Phil Petersen