Letter to the Editor

Trump Transparency

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Last week, the serial anti-Trump letter writer asked if President Trump is the most transparent ever. I would answer – yes, he is. When President Trump says something, you know that is what he is thinking. It is not what some focus group thinks will be popular that will never be implemented.

The two year – wide ranging — Mueller investigation of Trump and his campaign cost the taxpayers $30 million. It employed 19 lawyers – all of whom only contributed to the Democratic Party. There were 40 FBI agents with 2,800 subpoenas for 500 witnesses. To insure transparency President Trump provided more than 1 million documents and made the White Council General Council — Don McGahn — available for more than 30 hours of questioning. President Trump could have claimed "executive privilege" and provided nothing to the Mueller investigation.

The East Coast based, liberal, elite national news media (ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, AP, WP, NYT and others) continue to report with great enthusiasm all of the negative Trump news they can find. Just try to find a news article that places President Trump in a positive light. In spite of all of the negative news being reported, President Trump's popularity is growing. He has a higher public approval rating than President Bush or Obama at the same point in their administrations.

So far this year, the House Judiciary Committee (Jerry Nadler) has issued more than 80 subpoenas to search Donald Trump's personal life and that of his family – including Barron Trump. These House Judiciary investigations have no legislative purpose. Their purpose is to dig up dirt on President Trump and have it dutifully reported by the anti-Trump news media. President Trump feels since he made so many documents and witnesses available to the two year Mueller investigation, that he should not have to provide a second — unlimited — access to his personal life. Even Special Counsel Robert Mueller does not want to appear before the House committee to restate what the 448-page Mueller report already provides for the purpose of a Democratic TV circus.

In the Democrats rush to judgement, they have forgotten that Article 2 of the Constitution provides the president broad powers to manage the Executive Branch. The president cannot be impeached for exercising his Article 2 powers – including the firing of James Comey.

If the Democrats want to impeach President Trump so badly – why don’t they do it? They hold the majority in the U.S. House. They can vote for impeachment any day they want. But, what would the charges be? The problem is they have no case for impeachment. The House can vote for impeachment, but it takes a two-thirds vote of the Senate to convict the president on the charges for impeachment. The likelihood of a Senate conviction is nil. The preoccupation with impeachment is taking all the oxygen from the House for other important issues like health care and immigration.

An old proverb – of unknown origin — seems to apply in spades: "We live in interesting times."

Phil Petersen