Family continues search for missing Lakes Area man

Friday, May 3, 2019
Family members have created a poster as the search for Kolton Dicus continues. He has been missing since April 18.

Family members and loved ones haven't given up their search for Kolton Dicus, the 25-year-old who disappeared from Milford more than two weeks ago.

And, they'd like the public's help at 11 a.m. Saturday at Old City Hall in Milford. A search party will meet at the building, which is located 1021 10th St. The Milford Police Department is housed in the same building, but the search is being organized by Kolton's family.

Kolton is 5-foot-7, 165 pounds, with blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was last seen April 18, wearing jeans, work boots and a camouflage sweater, according to his family. He also has a skull tattoo on his right bicep.

"We really don't have a lot of updates on him," Assistant Milford Police Chief Matt Myhre said. "He's still missing. We have not been made aware of anyone who has seen him, heard from him or talked to him at all. According to the family, his state of mind might not have been the healthiest. But, we don't think he's a danger to anybody else."

Kolton's cousin, Shelly Keane said Kolton has experienced depression, struggled with some relationships and expressed thoughts of self-harm in the past. She helped start a Facebook campaign Monday to generate volunteers for a search at the end of the week. Since then, area residents have come forward to offer food, drink and outdoors vests to help the effort.

"This is totally unlike him," Keane said. "He's never done this before where he's disappeared. And now it's two weeks and there's been no contact with anybody. His Facebook hasn't been active. He left his last paycheck at his work that Friday and he went missing in the early hours of Thursday morning. So he didn't take his last paycheck. His phone just went off the grid. To me, if you're running, you're going to at least take your last paycheck. It's really alarming to us."

Myhre said Dicus lived in Spirit Lake but was staying in Milford for a short amount of time.

Kolton Dicus

"He left on foot that day, so we're not looking for any particular vehicles or anything like that," Myhre said.

The assistant chief encouraged anyone who comes in contact with Kolton to contact local law enforcement or the Dickinson County Communications Center at (712) 336-2525. Saturday's search party volunteers should also leave any potential evidence undisturbed as well.

"Give our communications center a call so law enforcement can go in and see what that is," Myhre said. "We don't want anyone necessarily moving stuff, or disrupting a piece of evidence or something. Let us look into it before it's disturbed."

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