Seth Boyes

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Having contributed as a staff writer at the Spencer Daily Reporter for just shy of a year, Seth Boyes joined the Dickinson County News staff in March of 2017. During his time in Spencer, Boyes wrote as a general assignment reporter and focused mainly on city and county government. Boyes graduated from Iowa State University in 2009 with a degree in Integrated Studio Arts. Following his graduation, he and his wife, Janet, lived in Iowa City for a time. Boyes worked in a packing and shipping center, while his wife completed her degree in dentistry from the University of Iowa. The couple then spent a year in Fort Dodge, before moving to Spirit Lake in 2015. Both he and his wife hail from Clear Lake and have come to expect summers to be full of the hustle and bustle of tourists and visitors.

A journey through tomorrow's mist

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Journey with me, reader. Picture the sentiments of today in the frame of an era not so long ago an era in which history was being made. A story coming to light in the early 1970s revealed truths which were thought by some to be almost impossible. Yet, within two years, that same truth was undeniable. Journey with me, reader, as John Q. Public pens a letter to his local paper. The date is Thursday, Aug. 1, 1974.

To the editor,

The House Judiciary Committee passed three articles of impeachment against President Nixon last week. It's the latest happening in this ongoing witch hunt perpetrated by the liberal media. The fact that it has taken the committee over two months to get to this point is proof the claims against Nixon are ill-founded at best.

The president has continued to serve the American people with dignity and character amidst the constant bombardment of unfounded conspiracy theories and lies. Outlets like the Washington Post continue to spin his decisions to fit a narrative that fulfills their agenda. The so-called "Saturday Night Massacre" was played up so much that I fear some of our leaders in Washington may actually believe the fabricated facts of the Post sometimes from anonymous sources remember. I personally believe the president has every right to pursue an attorney general who will appoint an unbiased special investigator to finally put this Watergate matter to bed.

Former special investigator Archibald Cox was unable to prove any wrong doing on the part of the president, and even went so far as to subpoena tapes of the president's conversations: another indicator there was no truth behind the conspiracy claims. The situation has remained unchanged since the break in almost two years ago. Thankfully, the American people are smart. They saw through the lies and reelected President Nixon. They know, if there were truly evidence connecting the president to the burglars, it would have been uncovered long ago. Still, the opposition refuses to give up. They claim victory in convicting the president's aides, G. Gordon Liddy and James McCord, but they still have yet to prove any wrong doing on the president's part. I believe it will be a challenge to say the least.

In fact, the only tentative connection the writers at the Washington Post have been able to cobble together was a $25,000 check for Nixon's reelection campaign that was cashed by one of the Watergate burglars. I may not be as versed in conjecture as those at the Post, but I imagine there are a number of reasons a crook might cash a check that does not belong to him.

Still, the question remains: when will the investigators and the Post give up on their so-far fruitless efforts to oust the president? It's time for the witch hunt to end.

John Q. Public
Hometown, U.S.A.

Evidence submitted Aug. 5, 1974, directly linked President Nixon to the break in at the Democratic National Headquarters in the Watergate Hotel. He resigned from office three days later. It is humankind's burden to live only in the present, never knowing the future. It is humankind's weakness to believe the patterns of the past will never coalesce in the fog of tomorrow. It is humankind's downfall to believe itself incapable of being blind to the misty tomorrow again.