Letter to the Editor

He holds the World Record

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

In not quite two years, public statements checked by fact checkers found over 6,000 untruths, i.e. lies. Unfortunately, the person telling the lies and holding the record is the President of the United States. How are U.S. citizens to know where our president is leading us? How can international leaders know what the positions of the United States are when they cannot believe what the president says?

There is currently talk among our NATO allies of forming a new defense alliance that excludes the United States, because they cannot rely on American support.

President Trump's actions have drawn harsh remarks from our key allies, while he professes admiration for countries ruled by cruel dictators Russia, North Korea and the Philippine Islands.

Domestically, his instigation of trade wars hurt us all. His dialog on immigration, race and acceptance of white supremacy incites hatred, his admiration of violent acts encourages more violence, his ongoing demeaning of journalists, calling them the enemy of the state and of the people and banning them from the White House grounds if they ask tough questions it goes on and on.

However, there is a ray of sunshine in the dark clouds. In January, the U.S. House of Representatives will by controlled by the Democrats. They will then oversee and hold accountable the actions of the Executive Branch. After the brutally partisan Republican control of Congress, Mitch McConnell stated he hoped the Democrats would find a new path of bipartisanship. How is that for chutzpa?

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake