Letter to the Editor

Please stay away, Mr. President

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

After Mayor Bill Peduto of Pittsburg and other local officials requested President Trump not to follow his plan to visit the city also after refusals to accompany him by Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Republican Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey Trump came anyway.

A letter signed by the city administrator, the governor and many others said he was not welcome until he denounced white nationalism. After an unusually small reception at the airport (one person) as Air Force One landed, he was greeted in the city by thousands of protestors voicing their disapproval. The common theme of the protestors was "WORDS MATTER."

Trump's continual expression of hatred toward the press, immigrants and anyone who disagrees with him promotes the idea that hatred and discrimination are the new normal and has incited some to action. Some with bombs, some with guns.

In a statement earlier, Trump appeared to blame the synagogue for the shooting, saying that if they had provided security, the killing could have been avoided. In an effort to be polite, Rabbi Jeffery Meyers met with Trump saying the President of the United States is always welcome hardly an endorsement. The hope that Trump will eventually start acting presidential now seems even more remote.

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake