Letter to the Editor

Kavanaugh's due process

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The accusations and media coverage against Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh are appalling. Thirty-six years late in coming, memories coaxed decades later by attorneys and counselors, with details missing, recollections dead wrong, zero evidence brought forward on the eve of the nominee vote. It appears to be a trumped-up smear campaign organized by Democrats to keep Judge Brett Kavanaugh who is known for his outstanding reputation and legal mind off the Supreme Court. This is an apparent political smear campaign where "the end justifies the means," where real people do not matter. It is un-American.

Sadly, it is also dangerous as it taints the justice system for women, men and children who are victims of sexual assault. I am sad that we have elected legislators who serve without respect for laws and due process, particularly ironic for this appointment to the Supreme Court of our land.

Vote this next election to support rule by law.

Kris Rowley

Former Victim-Witness Coordinator for the Dickinson County Attorney's Office

Current Dickinson County Treasurer