Letter to the Editor

Protecting our citizens

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Young Molly Tibbetts is dead. Brutally murdered, stabbed to death repeatedly, by an individual who was in our country under a false identity, illegally. The premise that this is just one of those things that happen, that domestic violence and murder occurs all the time within naturalized citizens in the United States is one of the most specious arguments I have ever heard.

This occurrence is more complicated than dismissing it with some weak moral equivalence version of oh well "evil is evil." This is one of many horrible crimes that take place in the United States committed by people who are here illegally. In a growing number of cases these are known, hardened criminals who are repeat offenders in this country and their country of origin. This has nothing to do with ethnicity and law abiding immigrants who have chosen to live in our country.

The tragic case of Mollie Tibbets has to do with the fundamental enforcement of current "law" and the safety, welfare and protection of our citizenry. In our current society, we maintain laws that provide security for students in public school, restraining orders designed for protecting people, security for entering government buildings, security checks and dual controls at places of business requiring ID to enter the buildings, security around and within airports and baggage areas and many other examples.

These policies are in place to minimize and mitigate the opportunities for bad people to do bad things. They are securities put in place to protect people. The citizens, and legal immigrants in the United States, deserve no less of a standard for protection. To secure our borders, and to create a common sense fast track for legal immigration is desperately needed. Does this eliminate tragedies like the case of Ms. Mollie Tibbetts? No, but it can significantly reduce the opportunity for a repeat offender to hide in the shadows of our country to commit crime.

Dave Rowley

Spirit Lake