Letter to the Editor

Personality or Policy?

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

In a recent Letter to the Editor titled “Once again, he missed the invite list” the writer begins with a lament that President Trump did not receive an invitation to some functions. The implication seems to be that how many party invitations a President receives is a reflection of how well he is doing in his job. Looks like another way to measure “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

Based on national news media reporting right after the November election the United States was going to have a terrible future. The stock market was going to crash, people would be too afraid to come out of their homes, Blacks and Hispanics would be deported, Trump would alienate world leaders and we would be headed into World War III.

Let’s see what actually happened:

• Major tax cut enacted

• Stock market at record highs

• Unemployment at record low

• No body giving back the crumbs

• Black and Hispanic unemployment at lowest levels in recent memory

• GDP higher than anytime during the Obama administration

• ISIS defeated

• North Korea ended nuclear testing – Korean War servicemen remains returned

• Tightened border security

• Reduced the impact of federal regulatory burdens

• Major trade deals being renegotiated with better terms for the United States

• NATO members beginning to pay closer to their fair share

The national news media continues to report 90 percent negative news about President Trump. In spite of that President Trumps rating for the country going in the right direction is well above President Obama's rating for the same point in his presidency. You probably didn't hear that on the national news. President Trump has all of these accomplishments while the Democratic Party is acting as the "Resistance" to block anything he wants to accomplish.

A hypothetical question. Given a choice between a president with a friendly personality and one with good polices – which one would you choose? Given that choice I would prefer effectiveness over just being friendly. I don't need the President to be a smooth talking politician.

Phil Petersen